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  • What is ELC (Experiential Learning Center) The goal of ELC is to provide quality service in the field of language, cross-culture, research and vocational training. The ELC staff members come with a decade long experience in the field of training in languages of Nepal, cross-cultural information and socio-economic. They have provided professional services to different international bilateral and multilateral organizations.
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Nepali language in USA

Ida Shrestha

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News & Activities

  • Nepali Language class in Bandipur

    We arrange Nepali language class in Bandipur, Tanahu for all the people who are interested and curious to learn language. If you are tourist, treker,  volunteer, development worker, diplomat or researcher you are heartly welcome to have this amazing experience with us.

  • Comfortable and safe stay

    We offer a comfortable and homely environment, you have the possibility to stay and share with Nepali families in Kathmandu, Bandipur, Gorkha, Beshishahar and Tansen.


  • Welcoming at the airport

    Welcome at the TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport).

  • Orientation Week

    Orientation Week
    Duration: four days / 1 week 
    Activities: Tour of Kathmandu valley 
    Introduction to the country's history, language, culture and people. There will be lecture about related topic.

  • Apprenticeship

    Duration: 2 to 5 weeks
    You can choose an apprenticeship program with a master or professional in your field of interest. You can also do research in your related field.
    Working with non-profit organizations (Forum for protection Nepal (FFP Nepal), Women Integrated Society, Bandipur Tourism Development Committee (BTDC) & other related organizations) research in health, education, culture, tourism, environment and individual related field. Working with street children, Meditation course, Pottery (including Mask making), Yoga, Visiting a monastery, Ayurvedic or Tibetan Medicine course, Rafting, Paragliding (in Bandipur), Mountain flight, Bunzijumping, Rock climbing in Bimalnagar (Bandipur, Tanahun, near Sidhda cave, probably the biggest cave in Asia), Jungle tour (national park).

  • Himalayan Trek

    Duration: 2 / 4 weeks
    Trekking will take place in areas, which are relatively unexposed to western influence. There will be camping in tent or staying in local village lodges. There will be an experienced trek leader with the group. There may be one or two separate groups trekking, depending on the number of participants.

  • Village Excursion

    Duration: One / two weeks
    Observing village life in Nepal is a great experience. The venue for village excursions will depend on the time of year of your visit. During the winter, the excursions will be organized in the village of southern plain known as the Tarai. During the summer, this will be in the northern hills.

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